Jeremy Dye
Software Engineer


I was working on a hackathon project and needed a quick, easy way to manipulate some JSON in a web form. "No problem, I'm using a Rails! There'll be a gem for it," I thought. To my surprise, there was not. So I made this little gem to remedy that.


I used to play a game where you eat enemies to get bigger. Once I mastered the game, I wanted a harder version of it. So I made this game. I had a lot of fun building and designing it. One of the goals was to have no dependencies, so it's built with vanilla JavaScript. I used SonicPi to program the music in Ruby.


I play the tabletop game Edge of the Empire. It has a unique dice system. I whipped up a little app to roll the dice because it sounded like a fun toy problem. It comes in handy when you forget your dice or are trying to play with an online group.

dyeje Website

This is a static site hosted on S3. It uses Pug for templating, Sass for CSS, and Gulp for building. It used to be a tiny node server, but I ran out of free EC2 credits and decided to save some cash by converting it to static.