Company Values

I’ve been thinking about starting a company. Lately, I’ve found myself often having conversations where I explain the values I’d like my company to have. I’m going to write them down here, both to save myself the repetitions and to refine them.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We set audacious goals. We count on and encourage your ingenuity so that we can reach them. We don’t reward people based on hours worked, and we don’t police when, where, or how you work. We reward people based on accomplishing the goals.

Speak Up

We hire talented people because we truly believe that the right idea, at the right time can be transformational. We make space to hear out our colleagues so that we can capture that. We provide feedback early and often to one another because small frictions can build up and ruin relationships.

Progress Over Perfection

We value forward progress over meticulous planning because we believe a rapid, iterative cycle of shipping, gathering feedback + data, and refining is how great products are built. We know everything we do has tradeoffs, so we are aggressive about identifying and collecting the right data to make informed decisions quickly.

Do the Right Thing

We strive to do right by our colleagues, customers, and the world around us even if it means less optimal business outcomes. We are tired of companies that profit off of negative externalities and know we can do better.